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Is it true moms can eat anything and everything once the baby is born?

This can be a controversial question among those supporting new moms during the postpartum period. There's a concern that sharing nutritional guidelines might impact breastfeeding rates and duration.

However, learning as much as possible about breastfeeding, including about nutrition, can be incredibly beneficial, empowering moms and giving them the tools needed to succeed in breastfeeding, to heal faster during the postpartum period, and to physically and emotionally feel their best. 
Science shows that maternal diet does have an impact on breastfeeding, as well as on the health and wellness of new moms. Learn how to share this information, and gain more expertise in supporting your moms and their babies. 
Suitable for anyone working with new moms: lactation consultants, peer counsellors, midwives, and doulas.
Contact me to learn more about this workshop, and to book for your organisation. 
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