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Can food really change who we are?

Not the fundamentals of who we are, of course, but food can be life changing. It can help improve our mood, memory, and physical well-being, and it can help us live longer.

Making changes can be hard but knowing the science behind nutrition can help with motivation.  I share with you the latest nutrition research, as well as tips on developing new habits, so that you can learn how to feel your best.
We'll explore how the trillions of microbes that live on and in you impact how well you sleep, how well your metabolism works, how fast you remember the name of your neighbour, and whether you smile or snap at them. 

We'll also discuss how to keep these microbes happy and healthy so that you are happy and healthy (hint =
green) 😋

Contact me for any questions, information about dates, fees, and group bookings.
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