Yoga and Meditation coaching sessions focus on restorative yoga, breath work, alignment, and improving home practice.


Learn how yoga and meditation can improve physical, emotional, and mental states;

lower stress; and facilitate pregnancy, 

childbirth, and postpartum recovery.

Individual or group coaching, workshops specialise in healthy weight; nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding; restoring energy; and improving sleep, mood, and cognitive abilities.


Health coaching sessions are client led and holistic, exploring what works for the individual. Sessions focus on achieving long lasting change.


Individual or group coaching, workshops specialise in goal attainment; relationship building; stress management; and energy therapy (EFT).


Wellness coaching sessions explore personal definitions of wellness, discuss strengths and obstacles and how they connect to one's vision.


Christine Nesrallah

Health & Wellness Coach

nutrition / healthy weight / stress management / women's wellness / prenatal & postnatal yoga 

An easy way to improve wellbeing?

Following are six benefits of trees. 
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The Benefits of Coaching

A 2018 study on adults with pre-diabetes who experienced wellness coaching, found that the participants improved in each of the following:


   1     higher quality of life score

   2     improved self confidence 

   3     healthier eating choices

   4     improved BMI (body mass index) 

   5     improved duration of exercise